Envision Your Next Party

The Crimson Lounge is a great place to host your party with friends and colleagues. We are offering the unique opportunity to rent an entire bar in San Francisco for the evening with limited expense and virtually no planning. Our space accomodates up to 150 guests in a hip, energetic atmosphere, complete with a full bar and optional food choices.

And Let Us Take Care of The Rest

Booking a Party

Crimson Lounge is available for a nightly room rental fee 6 nights a week. We provide reasonable fees to allow the host with the exclusive use of the space for the entire evening. Any party size will have a great feel in the space. Call us at 415-673-9353 or click here to book a party or for more information.

Menu Options

Crimson Lounge offers a delicious, optional pre-ordered appetizer menu upon request. Items are served on family sized platters that conservatively serve 6-8 guests. Click here for more details.

Warm & Accommodating

With our plush seating and spacious areas, your guests will enjoy any occasion at the Crimson Lounge.

Music & Presentations

The Crimson Lounge can accommodate a DJ, Live Music, with a screen for Projecting Videos & Presentations. Contact us for more details.